Whoops: Portable Ram


Wow! February?! 2019?! A New Year already?! Our most humble apologies everyone, we had a catastrophic tech blunder down in the R&D department a few months ago; some shipment orders were mistyped (funny what happens when commas are moved) and they ended up crafting way more of the prototype Portable Ram than we needed or were expecting. Long story short we had to call in some Druids to herd the rams out and they are such stubborn creatures. Everything is sorted now and we have a great lineup of challenges from the folks in the lab!

Like everyone else in modern society, you’ve got ram needs, but you need them to keep up with your on-the-go lifestyle. Presenting: the Portable Ram, the most affordable foldable livestock on the market!

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Challenge #6: Brew-ha-ha!

It’s no secret we have a prodigious shared love for the silly, for the ridiculous. We also love some bold, brave homebrew, ones that have splashy ideas we really sink our teeth into. It’s with these things in mind we approached this challenge and sought out the most bonkers homebrewed classes and races. Where we ended up was a holy nudist and his best friend, a sentient slice of pie.

The Challenge:

Provide each other wither either a homebrewed class or a homebrewed race with which to build a character in the Dungeons and Dragons 5e rules set.

The Rules:

  1. The character must be level 7.
  2. The homebrew must be goofy and a little crazy in the so-bad-it’s-good kind of way.
  3. Commit! Lean into the absurdity!

Now let’s meet our new duo…

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Challenge #5: May the Fourth Be With You!

We’re back with some hot and fresh new characters! This time, we turned our attention away from fantasy and looked to sci-fi. Yes, in honor of today’s very important holiday, we made a pair of Star Wars characters! In a setting as rich as Star Wars, we had a lot of room to play around and we had a lot of fun. Set your blasters to NERD and strap in!

The Challenge: Create a beginning character set in the Star Wars universe using the Fantasy Flight Star Wars rules-set.

The Rules:

  1. Choose the species and obligation for each other.
  2. Roll dice to determine alignment and force sensitivity.
  3. Keep the character at level 1.

Here’s the odd couple we came up with…

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Challenge #4: C&C Labradors

Hello readers of the C&C Character Labradors! Much challenge with such wow do we have for you this month. We’re going to start getting away from the D&D a bit and branch out to some other RP Games that have caught our eye. First up is Pugmire, a relatively new game very close to D&D. The rules and gameplay seem to be a more simplified version of our beloved Dungeons and Dragons. And, you know, with doges.

The Challenge: 

Create characters for a Pugmire game.

The Rules:

  1. Starting level
  2. Randomly roll for Breed and Calling
  3. Make a bad boi

Enter…into the world of Pugmire!

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Challenge #3: Mystery Module Mayhem!

For this very special entry, we asked Friend of the Lab Gerry K. to throw a mystery-based module at us in a rule set of his choice. We’d use the setting as inspiration and create characters that we feel would be driven to delve in and solve the mystery. As with the other challenges thus far, we found ourselves intrigued by things we didn’t expect, but that’s pretty fitting for the theme.

The Challenge: 

Create characters that would be interested in solving the mystery at the center of a module chosen by Gerry.

The Rules:

  1. Max character level: 7
  2. No spellcasters

Let’s get into the mystery module Gerry sprung on us…

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Challenge #2: Heroes of Myth

Here we are again, my friends, with two new characters fresh and ready for you! Chris and I want to say thanks for bearing with us as our blog fully takes shape. This challenge was a little different from the last one, but also very exciting and fun to make.

The Challenge 

Create a Dungeons & Dragons 5e character inspired by a mythological hero.

The Rules

  1. Character level must be 12
  2. The inspiration cannot be Greco-Roman
  3. Make decisions based more on character theme than optimization
  4. Each character will have two uncommon and one rare magical item in addition to their starting gp.

Additionally, we agreed on using the High Magic Setting gp standard (found the Player’s Handbook) and to use the Sane Magic Items Prices table. Let’s get to it!

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Challenge #1: Doggone New Year!

Our resolution for 2018 was to make new characters! And start this doggone blog. Woof! Continued canine puns! That’s right, in advance and in honor of the Chinese New Year, we decided to make dog-themed characters to kick off this year and this dork parade of a project.

The Challenge:

Chris and Chris each make a Dungeons and Dragons 5e character inspired by the Year of the Dog, 2018.

The Rules: 

  1. Cannot be a wildshape druid
  2. No homebrew
  3. Level-cap: 3

With that done, you have the pleasure of meeting…

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